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Maharaja Srischandra College

Maharaja Srischandra College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
20, RAMKANTO BOSE STREET, Kolkata-700003

Maharaja Srischandra College


The history of our institution, Maharaja Srischandra College dates back to 1941, when the college was set up in a very busy North Calcutta neighbourhood Shyambazar by Maharaja Srischandra Nandy in memory of his father Maharaja Manindra Chandra Nandy, a renowned philanthropic Zamindar of Cossimbazar. An equally illustrious personality as his father, Maharaja Srischandra greatly contributed to the socio-cultural movement of Bengal in the early 20th century. Some local workers and academicians of the locality in which the college is situated encouraged Maharaja Srischandra to set up a college that would cater to the huge section of students residing in this locality. A proposal was accepted and the college was set up in 1941 by converting an old dilapidated building, which was previously functioning as a charitable dispensary. The building is now known as the common property of three separate colleges – Maharani Kasiswari College (Morning), Maharaja Manindra Chandra College (Day) and Maharaja Srischandra College (Night). Maharaja Srischandra College as a separate and independent institution emerged in 1964.

Our founder Maharaja Srischandra Nandy (1897-1952), was the son of Maharaja Manindra Chandra Nandy and Maharani Kashiswari of Khirgram, Burdwan. He was the last zamindar of the Cossimbazar Raj before the abolition of the zamindari system. He represented the Bengal zamindars in the Fazlul Haque – Shyamaprasad ministry. He entered the Bengal Legislative Assembly from the landlord’s quota in 1937, and became a minister in the cabinet of Ak Fazlul Haque (1937-1942). The Maharaja was also a popular figure in the sphere of Fine Arts, Literature, Music, Sports and educational activities. He died in 1952.

In the beginning Maharaja Srischandra College offered a Bachelors Degree in Commerce. Gradually due to the demands from students it started offering various subjects from the Humanities stream. In recent years there has been a widening of the scope of our service since hundreds of general students, both male and female, are taking admission in the college.

The college is situated at 20 Ramkanto Bose Street, Kolkata 700003 and is very close to the Kolkata city landmark Shyambazar five-point crossing.