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Maharaja Srischandra College

Maharaja Srischandra College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
20, RAMKANTO BOSE STREET, Kolkata-700003

Maharaja Srischandra College

Cultural Activities

The students union of the college organises various cultural programmes throughout the year which also contribute a lot in the overall development of the students

Our college encourages cultural activities among students under the auspices of the Student’s Union. Cultural programmes to mark important national events and memorable dates in the college calendar form a part of the college life. In sync with the Bengali campus traditions the Devi Vandana or “Saraswati Puja” is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour by the students. An art exhibition is held on the same day eliciting enthusiastic participation from our students. For the past few years the students have been celebrating “Ifftar” on the occasion of Ramzan, to foster a feeling of brotherhood and harmony. The students are also encouraged to conduct competitions in Music, Recitation, Debate etc and prizes are given to successful candidates.